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- There are a variety of ecoinformatics tools created through [SEEK|home] and the [KNB|] projects. Most of these tools are [open source|] software solutions created for the ecological community.
+ There are a variety of ecoinformatics tools created through [SEEK|WelcomeToSEEK] and the [KNB|] projects. Most of these tools are [open source|] software solutions created for the ecological community.
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- *[Morpho|Morpho]
- *[Kepler|kepler]
- **Is an open source software tool that allows scientists to design scientific workflows and execute them efficiently using emerging Grid-based approaches to distributed computation.
+ !!SEEK Software products
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- *[Grid|]
+ *[EcoGrid|EcoGrid]
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+ *[Kepler|kepler]
+ **Is a flexible workflow system designed to process and ingest heterogeneous ecological data from ecologists and other domain scientists.
+ **It provides access to data and computational services through emerging Grid technologies, services for optimizing workflow execution as well as introduce an advanced system for semantic typing and ontological reasoning to assist users in workflow creation and execution.
+ *[Sparrow|Sparrow]
+ **Sparrow aims at combining algorithms and techniques from logic-based knowledge representation and databases into a single, open-source toolkit.
+ **It will also include new approaches to handle semantic information in scientific applications.
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- *[MySQL|]
- *[r]
+ **Is a visualization and editing tool for Ontology Web Language (OWL) and Description Logics (DL) ontologies based on a semantic network knowledge representation paradigm.\\
+ **It will also support design of graphic queries for OWL and DL knowledge bases.
+ *[Ontologies|KROntologies]
+ **A collection of ontologies cerated to represent scientific data, including the Observation Ontology (OBOE)
+ *[ConceptMapper|ConceptMapper]
+ **A desktop tool to assist taxonomists to relate taxonomic concepts from one classification to another and to manage taxonomic concept metadata that precisely define taxonomic concepts.
+ *[EarthGrid Portal]
+ **A web portal/search engine to data products through emerging web services technologies.
+ **Is a web interface for the [EcoGrid] software.
+ *[Taxonomic Object Server|TaxonomicObjectServer]
+ *[Taxonomic Concept Schema (TCS)|TaxonomicConceptSchema]
+ *[TaxVis|TaxVis]
+ ** A visualization tool for exploring multiple taxonomic hierarchies.
+ !!Other software products of interest
+ *[Ecological Metadata Language|]
+ **Is a metadata specification for describing heterogeneous data sources.
+ *[Morpho|Morpho]
+ **Is an easy-to-use, cross-platform application for accessing and manipulating metadata and data (both locally and on the network).
+ **It allows ecologists to create and manage your data, metadata (i.e. describe their data in a standardized format), and create a catalog of data & metadata upon which to query, edit and view data collections and share it with others.
+ *[Grass GIS|]
+ **Is an open source, Free Software Geographical Information System (GIS) with raster, topological vector, image processing, and graphics production functionality.
+ **It operates on various platforms through a graphical user interface and shell in X-Windows.
+ *[R|]
+ **Is an integrated suite of free software facilities for data manipulation, calculation and graphical display that compiles and runs on a wide variety of UNIX platforms and similar systems (including FreeBSD and Linux), Windows and MacOS.
+ **It provides a wide variety of statistical and graphical techniques.

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