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Sparrow aims at combining algorithms and techniques from logic-based knowledge representation and databases into a single, open-source toolkit. Sparrow will also include new approaches to handle semantic information in scientific applications.

Sparrow will provide:

  • lighweight machine AND human readable versions of common knowledge representation languages such as first-order logic, description logic (DL) fragments, and RDF, as well as "special purpose languages," e.g., for semantic data and service registration.
  • conversion routines to translate between languages (e.g., OWL to Sparrow-DL and vice versa)
  • formula manipulation and reasoning algorithms, e.g., for concept subsumption, classification, chasing parameter dependencies, reasoning with units and semantic types
  • query rewriting using semantic contraints for distributed mediation, e.g., containment checking, planning with limited capabilities and GAV/LAV views
  • ontology-based data transformation
  • specialized tools for viewing and manipulating knowledge bases (e.g., conceptual models and ontologies).

Discussion of Sparrow occurs on the mailing list. For more information contact Shawn Bowers ( and/or Bertram Ludaescher (

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