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IRC Channels

Internet Relay Chat (IRC) and SEEK

SEEK contributors are distributed at a wide variety of institutions. We have found that having a synchronous text chatting capability tremendously improves our ability to work as a team despite physical separation. So, we use IRC. Here are some pointers on connecting to our IRC server.

IRC Chat Connection Information

IRC host:
IRC channels: #seek, #kepler

We do use other channels as well, so be sure to use IRC's /list command to find out which channels exist and are active when you connect.

Some popular clients for Windows and Linux include:

Once you have connected to the server, you need to connect to a "channel", which represents a discussion room. The discussions for seek occur in the channel "#seek", so you would use the command

/join #seek

to enter the seek discussion. At that point, everything you type will be sent to the discussion channel. Note that you can be "in" more than one channel at a time, and most clients show this as separate windows.

Once you are connected, you might find some of the following commands are also useful from time to time:

/nick newName       Changes your nickname.
/query nick         Opens a private discussion with someone.
/list               Displays a list of all channels on the server.
/topic newTopic     Changes the channel topic.

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