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Semantic Mediation

The Semantic Mediation System (SMS) is a “smart” data discovery and integration system which uses a knowledge-based query system to allow integration of disparate data resources. Through semantic mediation the system can determine whether relevant data and analytical components may be automatically transformed for use within a selected analytic workflow. This process of query and integration is made possible bye extending XML-based data integration and mediation technology through controlled semantic vocabularies and the creation of ecological ontologies.

The semantic mediation system forms a middleware component between the analytical workflow system and the data and metadata sources available in EcoGrid. It must perform query processing and reasoning tasks over formal ontologies (or in this context EcoOntologies), the constraints of the analytical pipeline, and the schemata and constraints of the given data sources.

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Main SMS Page
The main SMS page

Analytical Components
A braindump of possible analytical components and their significance with references.

Eco-Ontology Manual
Documents the status and design of the eco-ontology being developed by the KR group.

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