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SEEK Tools And Data

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+ *[Ontologies|KROntologies]
+ **A collection of ontologies cerated to represent scientific data, including the Observation Ontology (OBOE)
+ *[ConceptMapper|ConceptMapper]
+ **A desktop tool to assist taxonomists to relate taxonomic concepts from one classification to another and to manage taxonomic concept metadata that precisely define taxonomic concepts.
+ *[EarthGrid Portal]
+ **A web portal/search engine to data products through emerging web services technologies.
+ **Is a web interface for the [EcoGrid] software.
+ *[Taxonomic Object Server|TaxonomicObjectServer]
+ *[Taxonomic Concept Schema (TCS)|TaxonomicConceptSchema]
+ *[TaxVis|TaxVis]
+ ** A visualization tool for exploring multiple taxonomic hierarchies.

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