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Documentation Meeting Notes

Getting Started Guide

  • Started out as a 5 minute guide but has shifted to a more complete document that can be scaled back
  • Put some of the more detailed r expression actor documentation that Samantha wrote and Dan Higgins documentation on iteration and how to choose directors and creating composites and can be reviewed by Kirsten
  • use this meeting to review the guide section by section
  • provide kirsten with a written comments
  • Gap between this and building your own workflow
  • Clearly defining token; actor as vehicle
  • we need to clearly define that the actor is dynamic and the vehicle that transports the data; the data is a token. The actor is not the data. In Kepler you start with open the analysis data flows traditional analysis programs start with the data and view the data and move from that to the analysis. Metaphor source -- the fountain; sink -- the end point.

Actor Documentation

  • review the actor documentation and come to agreement.
  • entire component ontology completed -- ~20 not completed because of lack of developer documentation
  • 60 remaining actors.
  • some of the actor documentation is out of the scope of SEEK.
  • xml transformation misses some of the actor documentation; kar files not appearing in the tree misses some.
  • current actor documentation is based on beta2 version
  • problem of free text search engine of listserve.
  • small questions and comments in red throughout.
  • actors that don't have draft copy for because we could not figure out how they worked are marked with a TK beside their name in the table of contents.
  • Documentation should be consistent with UI. Whatever convention is used for actor names and parameter names should be incorporated into the docs. Who will decide the standard and implement it in the UI? Who will do this for the docs?
  • Production of Actor docs/incorporation of docs into application. how will this be done? who will do it? Important that <p> are preserved and would like <tt> and <i> to be preserved as well for consistency/ease of recognition.
  • Currently, the beta 2 ontology contains 348 actors. Will any additional actors be included in the release? Will any of the existing actors be removed?
  • Things to look out for when reviewing documentation:
    • Errors and misrepresentation of actor behavior,terminology, input, or output
    • Inappropriate context (i.e., an actor is described as a GEON actor, with contextual info about GEON, when its scope is much broader. Or, if an actor is described as a generic actor when it should be project-specific)
    • Actors that should be renamed
    • Areas where the docs are too explicit or not explicit enough. The docs are based on the user profiles found here: ), assuming that a user is at least a Quantitative Analyst.
    • Actor docs that are incomplete (the docs do not describe all of the actor functions)
    • Additional actors that should be noted in a particular actor doc (actors that have similar behavior, or that are commonly used in conjunction with the particular actor).
    • Any additional concerns or thoughts

User Manual Outline

  • Is this the type of document that is required?
    • If so, what should be added to it? Removed? Reorganized?
    • If not, what should the document look like/contain?
  • Which workflows will be included in the release?
Note that the outline contains examples (particularly for the project-specific section), but its still unclear which of these will be finalized/included in the demos directory.

Additional thoughts about documentation.

  • Are other documents required? Anything else?
  • Who will be working on the docs after this meeting?
Note Kirsten will have only about 20 hours after the meeting.

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