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Insert Page Tag

Inserts formatted or unformatted page contents.


<wiki:InsertPage page="<page name>" mode="plain|html" />


The name of the page to insert. If not set, inserts the current page.
If set to "plain", inserts the actual WikiMarkup (for example, for an editor). If "html", will insert rendered HTML snippet. Default is to insert HTML.


<%@ taglib uri="/WEB-INF/jspwiki.tld" prefix="wiki" %>
     <title><wiki:PageName /></title>
     <h1><wiki:PageName /></h1>
     <wiki:InsertPage />
     <hr /><br />
     <wiki:EditLink>Edit this page</wiki:EditLink>

This is an extraordinarily minimal template for JSPWiki, which basically just displays the page name in a h1-type heading, and then inserts the renderd page contents.

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