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    • Is an open source software tool that allows scientists to design scientific workflows and execute them efficiently using emerging Grid-based approaches to distributed computation.
    • Current release: 1.0.0alpha4

Kepler provides a large variety of scientific tools, such as:

    • Access to local and remote data through web and grid services. Kepler provides a generic component that instantiates itself to perform remote calls as if they were running on the local machine.
    • Generic tools that may be used in diverse scientific workflow belonging to any scientific discipline, e.g. math actors, conversion actors, etc.
    • Various display, user interaction and communication tools such as browsers, graph plotters, email and SMS actors.
    • Domain specific tools; actors that were developed to serve a specific field in science domain specific actors,
    • A prototyping tool for designing workflows and sharing ideas with other scientists.

More information about Kepler can be found on the Kepler website

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