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Case Studies And SMS Integration

BEAM Use Case (Call with Kate Jones)

  • Want old datasets, old treatments/classifications of bats
  • Has mappings (digital format) b/w names as in Wilson/Reeder with valid names 1993
  • some geographic ranges - difficult with past names
  • will find out what others do wrt identifying species from old data
  • Nico: want to track species naming for a group back to Linneaus (she laughs)
  • Interesting: Pipistrellus genus, red bat, Molossidae
  • Our plan:
    • Get data from Kate
    • See what is missing
    • How can we make it easy for her to enter missing links

Bats chosen as group

  • different type of migration
  • insectivors
  • ecological issues

SMS/Taxon interaction (Call with Matt)

  • Minimal interaction - SMS is client of TOS - Shawn & Thau's ant demo showed problems
    • They were modeling for ants - species is an instance of a class in OWL
    • Info to be resolved can be done with database approach, difficult to scale up
    • observations spread over thousands of species - in their approach load everything into memory
    • If they contact server for each species, lots of overhead
  • Matt thinks lots of overlap - Taxon is special case of SMS
    • Susan - Overhead dealt with by resolving datasets ahead of time and stored/indexed
    • Data integration - can't easily be done ahead of time
    • We are further along with working system than SMS, so that may hamper integration
  • Email SMS asking for OWL format for Taxon info
    • did EML to OWL
  • JK: Where do we fit in?
    • Niche modeling - search ecogrid for species occurrence data with name/species/concept overlaps
    • Looking for name - may look for something precise or loosely defined
    • Look for any number of taxa and return clustered groups of consistent taxa
    • Want non-overlapping list of concepts for modeling?
    • N-way mapping of concepts
      • for mammals of NA, mammals w/in bounding box - list
      • every item should represent single concept
      • drag each item on canvas and user decides whether to use for analysis
    • BEAM proposal that Nico sent out is good description of SEEK needs from Taxon
  • Digir data - may need private aggreement to use collector/date though not expose
  • EML - taxonomic metadata needs to be present, but usually in the data itself
    • now, 3 distinct locations in EML, entire thing should be revisited
    • relationship b/w EML and Biological Data Profile (BDP) FGDC data standards
    • Bob, Nico will vet ideas with Matt
    • Jessie will get with Matt on this issue too

Action item

  • BEAM think about scenarios useful to Taxon
      • Niche modeling case study (mostly museum data)
      • Biodiversity case study (more ecological data) - is there documentation? Not yet
      • Domain experts?
      • Maybe Rob or Aimee go to KR/SMS/BEAM mtg - 7-10 March at UC Davis
  • Engage SMS group before May
    • ex: OWL output for Taxon info - get someone with more ecological background involved as well - Mark, Deana, Matt
    • Next time we contact Shawn, ask Matt to join us

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