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Growl aims to reconcile the modern ontology language OWL with semantic network philosophy (screenshot) by providing a set of graphic idioms that cover almost every OWL construct. Semantic networks were introduced in the late 1960's by Ross Quillian as an effort to model the structure and storage of human knowledge and further gained wide recognition in Cognitive Science and AI.

Growl will provide:

  • Graphic representation for all OWL constructs and all common DL expressions Advanced methods of navigation within large ontologies
  • Facilities to view separately TBox, ABox, RBox, Class Hierarchy , etc.
  • Framework for visual editing of OWL ontologies
  • Graphic representation for complex queries of OWL and DL knowledge bases along with visual tools for query design
  • Semantic markup Editor

Growl will be implemented as a java applet, stand alone editor, and plug-in for Protégé editor. Policy-based design of Growl ensures its extensibility and possibility to easily adapt it for use in various projects. The latest information on Growl, including demo applet and views on sample ontologies, can be found on the Growl Website. For more information on Growl contact Serguei Krivov ( or/and Ferdinando Villa (

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