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KBIS Meeting Notes For March 05


  • Bertram, Ilkay, Efrat, Dayou, Cynthia, Kai, Shawn


  • Introductions (Note that this is the first meeting, and we will be meeting weekly as schedules allow)
  • SEEK all hands meeting (Efrat to go?)
  • GEON PI meeting (Efrat to go instead of Kai?)


  • Ilkay. Working on Kepler: integrating web-services, web-service data types, third-party transer (distributed "workflow" processing), and Kepler deployment issues.
    • For "third party transfer": ssh, secure copy; grid ftp; SRB, matrix? WS_Routing is a standard for web-services. Cynthia is going to work on these issues with Ilkay.

  • Efrat. Kepler workflows for GEON. Currently creating Kepler documentation to help end users to use and create workflows within GEON. Will be extended for all Kepler. Working on a siesmic design -- to deploy the GEON seismic tool. Implemented a DB connection token in Kepler to pass db_connection objects to other actors.
    • We (Kai, Bertram, Shawn, etc.) need the Ptolemy/Kepler tutorial.

  • Dayou. Working on query containment and integrity constraints in Prolog. Web-service (web-site, e.g., jsp) verification. For ws verification, implemented a tool to do web-site generation. A logic-based language that describes a set of web-sites and queries and datasets, where the workflow lets you "walk you through the pages." The goal is to analyze the generated site specification to validate it. For Kepler: can we apply this work to scientific workflows? The problem for Kepler is that you don't necessarily know the "constraints" or "functionality" of the actors. Bertram proposes Q-PN, query process networks. Get napkin drawings into formal defs.

  • Cynthia. Working on the third-party transfer as her Master's thesis. Wants to add several TPT approaches and compare them. Having trouble with the ssh automatic verification based on public/private keys.

  • Kai. Currently working on moving existing code to the GEON portal. Then, focussing on the second version of registration / data integration for GEON. Wants to register shapefile for semantic query. Pluton, seismic, and geo concept space / ontologies.

  • Shawn. Working on developing a a set of use-case scenarios for the taxon/sms/kr integration (with D. Thau). Working on a SEEK sms architecture. Implementing semantic registration, ontology reasoning, and query/discovering currently for SMS (plsms) in XSB datalog/prolog. Helping with ontology development/representation for keyword-ontology relationships and attaching ontological information to standard ecological models being added to Kepler (with R. Williams). Also, working on some transformation approaches (with D. Pennington) for biodiversity, soils, etc.

  • Bertram. Chase and Backchase for GAV.

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