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Kepler Breakout #1

Action items

Actor repository

  • Actor repository (Chad organizes, Laura and Shawn participate)
    • Need to determine how to display remote results in tree
      • Remote actor names in italics? or some other cue?
      • Probably should be a separate package manager for installing 'actor packages'
      • differentiating remote and local should make sense for both actors and data
  • Remote actor display in Kepler library (David)
    • Get documentation to display

UI redesign

  • Icons
    • Need policy guide for how to extend the icon set in a visually consistent way (Laura)

  • Dialogs
    • Workflow, Actor, Director dialogs (highest priority; developer TBD)

  • Semantic annotations (Shawn)
    • take out ontologies that are there now, add better ones
    • make a GUI for adding and removing ontologies from Kepler
    • keep the annotation dialogs in Kepler if possible
    • need semantic annotation of data, different than for actors

  • Query Builder
    • "Display" label -- discuss and decide how to change (Jing)

  • Actor configuration dialog
    • Need more space for identifier (LSIDs are long)
    • Double-click == open actor == look inside
    • Right-click then Configure to configure
      • Consider possibility of the IDE motif with a selectable property palette
    • Parameters -- should be scrollable list
    • Question about relative priority of UI tasks versus other tasks
      • Dialogs are not a show-stopper for Kepler, but still are very important from a user-acceptance perspective

EcoGrid Breakout

Action items for release (January 15, 2007 target)

  • Fix memory problems on SRB get interface (Lucas)
  • Move GET + PUT method to use HTTP binding to avoid memory problems (Jing & Lucas)

Action items for release (February 15, 2007 target)

  • Finish LSID support for Metacat (fix bugs) (Jing)
  • Add LSID support to SRB, use LSIDs for SRB identifiers (Lucas)
  • Separate Query/Get into separate WSDL documents (David)
  • Authentication: turn on SSL for ecogrid auth methods (Jing & Lucas)
  • Refactor for naming consistency (server and client sides) (Jing and Lucas and Dave)
    • Update namespace to 1.0.0 (currently uses beta1)
  • Documentation (David)
    • server side
    • client side
      • build a client package with full documentation, bundle all client stub jars
  • Rename to: EarthGrid
  • Add portal to SEEK website, rename throughout to EarthGrid (David)

Action items for version after release

  • Add delete method to its own WSDL (logical delete)
  • Add replication and 3rd party transfer methods (postpone)
  • Authentication
    • research how to pass GSI certs over HTTP (maybe in headers) (postpone)
  • DiGIR performance issues (waiting on new hire, or Dave will finish)
    • Harvesting to central server is now underway
    • Need to implement EcoGrid interfaces to the central cache
    • support Wasabi (query + get interfaces, RDF to XML translation)
    • support Tapir (but maybe too complicated, so postpone)
  • monitoring framework
    • monitoring script that generates simple web page with status update (Jing)
    • more complete user-oriented web report interface for all EcoGrid providers (postpone)

Kepler: Distributed Execution

Proposal discussion

  • Use a subclass of RunCompositeActor
  • central broker/controller handles communication with different nodes
  • use annotation to flag stateful versus stateless actors
  • deal with passing data by reference
    • probably modify the Token base class to support passing by reference, or maybe the ObjectToken class to limit the impact to the type lattice
    • actors would have to create tokens that are of a given type with a reference instead of the data

  • security: need it but could be layered on in a second step, but would mean that the system would have to be run in a trusted environment

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