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Taxon Fall 06

Taxon working meeting -- Fall 2006

Participants (10 budgeted to travel)

We will not have a formal SEEK Taxon fall meeting, but instead will have a meeting of those present at the TDWG meeting in St. Louis (15-22 Oct). A quick inventory suggests that those expected to be present includes Beach, Guala, Kennedy, Peet, Stewart, Vieglas. Please update this list if you have additional insight.

We have no idea whether the budgeted travel for 10 can be used for this meeting. Let's find out.

TDWG schedules are notoriously fluid. A small subset of us met by conference call (Steward, Peet, Kennedy) and agreed that the best plan would be to try to assemble for ca 5 minutes at 18:00 on 15 October at the beginning of the TDWG welcome reception. At that time we will consult the schedule and select 1/2 - 2/3 day of time(s) that would allow us to conduct important business. Wednesday looks particularly promising, but any time in the interval of Monday (10/16) through Thursday (10/19) is fair game.

Topics to discuss?? Please nominate a few.

  • 1. Progress reports from each group
  • 2. Plan for closure - what do we really need to complete
  • 3. Review of publication plans
    • Trevor ms on best practices
    • Nico ms on concept relationships
    • General synthesis paper
    • Other
  • 4. Maintenance of products & services developed
    • TOS
    • Concept mapper
  • 5. Some demonstration examples of our wonderfulness
    • bats
    • plants of the SE US
  • 6. Onward --- the next proposals

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