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AHM Dec 2006

SEEK All Hands Meeting

'When: 'December 11-15, 2006, following the ISEI meeting
'Location: ' Santa Barbara, CA (at NCEAS)



Sun Dec 10


Mon Dec 11

Meeting starts 8:30 am (coffee etc beforehand)
  • Morning: Plenary
  • Afternoon Breakout 1: TaxonAgenda0612 (Beach)
  • Afternoon Breakout 2: Kepler (Jones)
    • Overview of issues, prioritization for production release
    • Synopsis/prioritization of user interface changes (Downey)
    • Discuss: Actor repository, dialogues/usability, TOS/DiGIR actors
    • Portal changes, Release update, API changes, DiGIR cache

Tue Dec 12

Meeting starts 8:30 am (coffee etc beforehand)
  • Morning Breakout 1: Taxon (Beach) AHMDec2006TaxonAgenda
  • Morning Breakout 2: Ecogrid (Rajasekar)
  • Morning Breakout 3: Ecological Niche Modeling (Pennington)
    • Higgins, Pennington, Stewart review whether it is ready
  • Morning Breakout 4: EOT: Early Career Training (January) Planning (Katz)
    • Shawn Bowers, Dan Higgins, Samantha Katz, Bill Michener, Deana Pennington, Mark Schildhauer
  • Afternoon Breakout 1: Taxon (Beach)
  • Afternoon Breakout 2: Kepler: Distributed execution (Jones)
    • Gilbert presents on design and implementation status
  • Afternoon Breakout 2: Kepler: Documentation? (Katz)
    • Review documentation, Review actor classifications and actor ontology

Wed Dec 13

Meeting starts 8:30 am (coffee etc beforehand)
  • Morning Breakout 1: KR/SMS: OBOE (Schildhauer/Ludaescher)
    • OBOE core ontology: status (Josh), open issues, tasks
    • OBOE Extensions: status (Josh), LTER controlled vocab (Corinna/Sree), collaborative creation (Josh/Ferdinando), reusing existing ontologies
  • Morning Breakout 2: EarthGrid hackathon
  • Afternoon Breakout 1: Kepler: Data View/Data Manager (Jones)
  • Afternoon Breakout 2: KR/SMS: OBOE Continued (Madin)

Thu Dec 14

Meeting starts 8:30 am (coffee etc beforehand)
  • Plenary Morning (might supersede breakouts)
  • Morning Breakout 1: KR/SMS: Applications (Schildhauer/Ludaescher)
  • Morning Breakout 2: Kepler: Hackathon on startup time/actor proxies (Berkley)
  • Morning Breakout 3: Kepler: Hackathon on distributed execution (Gilbert)
  • Afternoon Breakout 1: KR/SMS: Applications (cont.) (Schildhauer/Ludaescher)
  • Afternoon Breakout 2: Kepler: Hackathon/Bug squashing fest

Meeting adjourns at 5:00 pm -- (no flights before 7pm for KR/SMS people)

Participants (30 budgeted to travel)

All SEEK participants

UCSB Jones, Matthewjones at
UCSB Berkley, Chadberkley at
UCSB Schildhauer, Mark (No hotel)schild at
UCSB Madin, Josh (No hotel)madin at
UCSB Tao, Jing (No hotel)tao at
UCSB Higgins, Dan (No hotel)higgins at
UVM Villa, FerdinandoFerdinando.Villa at
UVM Krivov, SergueiSerguei.Krivov at
SDSC Rajasekar, Arcotsekar at
SDSC Gilbert, Lucasiktome at
KU Stewart, Aimeeastewart at
KU Vieglais, Davevieglais at
KU Beach, Jamesbeach at
KU Gauch, Susansgauch at
KU TBA -- position being filled
UCD Ludaescher, Bertram (planned arrival: Dec 12th)ludaesch at
UCD Bowers, Shawnsbowers at
UCD McPhillips, Timtmcphillips at
UCD Thau, Davethau at
UNMPennington, Deanapenningd at
UNMMichener, Bill wmichene at
UNMZhang, Jianting jzhang at
UNMKatz, Samantha sroman at
UNMDowney, Laura ldowney at
UNMSledge, David dsledge at
NapierKennedy, JessieJ.Kennedy at
NapierGraham, Martin - maybe
NapierCraig, Paul - maybe
UNCBob Peetpeet at
ASUGries, Corinna corinna at
ASUSree Vadrevu svadrevu at

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