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KR/SMS AHM Dec 2006 Notes, Dec. 2006

Notes from breakouts

Wed Dec 13 Breakouts: OBOE


  • Current status (Josh)
  • Open issues
    • Clarification of Entities and Measurement Standards (in particular, Classification Elements)
    • Discussion of generic context property (e.g., Is context just a spatial and temporal property? Can it be used for mereological relationships?)
    • Are there specific extension points, and can their development progress independent of the core? (e.g., Will different core models have analygous extension points?)
    • Other issues?
  • Tasks
    • Documentation and examples
      • Compare to other approaches
      • Formally publish the ontology
      • A paper (ISEI)
      • Do we need another KR meeting OBOE extensions
  • Current status & open issues (Josh)
    • LTER Controlled Vocab (Corinna/Sree)
    • Reuse(cycle) existing ontologies (e.g., Rich Williams' ontologies and existing ontologies/standards)
      • GeoSpatial extensions (Serguei)
    • Collaborative (web-based) approach for extensions (e.g., Thinkcap)
      • What would the interface be
      • Complexity versus simplicity
      • Browsing/viewing ontologies
      • How to store/manage the ontologies
      • Additional Metadata
  • Tasks
    • finish up three different extension approaches
    • document and publish extensions
    • figure out additional extensions needed

Thu Dec 14 Breakouts: Applications

  • Current status
  • Open issues
    • Interface design for oboe annotations
    • Where should the oboe applications/demos live? (Kepler, Morhpo, Web, ...)
    • Connecting up eml (metacat/morpho/kepler) and oboe
    • Ontologies for annotating actor ports
    • Annotation interface design (e.g., ontos based on oboe, simpe types?)
    • Extending the kepler tools, e.g., adding ontologies, using port annotations in search
    • An overall KR/SMS architecture
  • Tasks
    • Concrete demos showing advantages of KR/SMS
    • What tools do we want to work on in the next year
    • Implementation plan (who will work on what ...)

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