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KRSMSAHM Dec 2006 Breakout Notes

Questions and Notes from the KR/SMS Breakouts at SEEK AHM 2006

  • Can OBOE enable reasoning (e.g., to find inconsistencies) between domain extensions
  • How to integrate SEEK taxonomic concepts for OBOE
    • what are the issues?
    • where does the connection go in OBOE (e.g., as classification elements)?
    • what is being modeled in OBOE versus in tax-concepts
  • What are the ways to leverage OBOE for domain extensions
    • elaborate extension points explicitly
    • allow one to create a new ontology that maps an existing domain ontology to OBOE
  • domain extension mining
    • demo of keyword and co-occurrence mining from corpus (eml text, textbook, papers)
    • how generate from this information or extend approach to construct domain extensions
      • visualize, summarize the data (in particular, a matrix of terms and their co-occurrence weight)
      • LTER controlled vocabulary as a starting point
      • obtain verb and adjective lists for keywords
      • explore how verb phrases can be used to name the relations between entities/characteristics
      • incorporate definitions from (bio) dictionaries, wordnet, encyclopedias (wikipedia), or glossaries for each entity
      • pre-classify the entities into classes based on part-of-speech tags
      • use look-up tables from common classes (measurement units, etc.)
      • profile the keywords used within particular (sub) domains
  • geospatial ontology extensions
    • ...

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