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KR Breakout Nov 2004

Topics for KR Breakout at SEEK AHM

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2004 (CENTENNIAL, 6th)

Moderator: Mark Schildhauer


  • Overview and Update
  • Description of current ontologies (Rich)
  • GrOWL (Serguei, Rich)
  • Annotate-fest
  • GUI Design and Issues
    • Search interfaces
    • Annotation/Semantic registration
    • Simple ontology browsing / selection
    • Domain-aware ontology interaction
    • GrOWL integration into Kepler
  • General Discussion
    • Incorporating existing ontologies, vocabularies
    • What's missing ... how to get to the terms/phrases of scientists ... how to bridge this gap
  • Priorities
  • Goals


  • Mark introduction
    • KR Issues:
      • KR used by SMS, and SMS sits between EcoGrid and Kepler
      • Examine, evaluate, and test a number of existing ontologies in CVS (R. Williams)
        • update on status; evaluate utility; determine where to go from here
      • challenges and approaches in creating and visualizing ontologies
        • growl -- intended audience, utility, demo
        • concept maps -> OWL
      • KR in Kepler (interface issues)
        • ontology-assisted search; semantic annotation drawing from ontology repository, propagating these annotations; KR assisting SMS in EcoGrid for automated data integration (EML and more)
      • How ontologies used in kepler
        • describe actors

  • Rich Williams on Ontologies
    • Some developed, some contain place-holders
    • Looking at MeasurementBase.owl
      • EcoOntThing ... these are items that can have names (hasName)
      • basic terminology: Class (concept), Property (attribute, role, slot), Individual (instance), Value (like a string value)
      • subclasses of eco ont thing ...
        • NamedThing -- those things that have names
        • Composites: composed of parts
          • Exclusive part-wholes
        • Measurements
          • Units, Dimensions, DerivedUnits, SIUnits
          • Observation
            • item measured, spatial context, temporal context, measurement procedure
          • experiments, observations, observation collections, observation aggregrates
    • Ecological Concepts
      • Ecological Entities > Abiotic Entities > ... etc.
      • Taxonomic groups
      • Biodiversity, traits, etc.

  • Serguei Krivov
    • GrOWL demo ...

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