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Concept Mapper

ConceptMapper is a desktop tool to assist taxonomists to relate taxonomic concepts from one classification to another and to manage taxonomic concept metadata that precisely define taxonomic concepts. Database schema has been developed to hold taxonomic concept data, including scientific names, concept references, character and specimen circumscription information, parent-child relationships and third-party assertions that relate concepts between different classifications. Concept data stored in the database can be retrieved, visualized and changed through the ConceptMapper user interface. Main functions include importing , exporting, querying and viewing concept data, adding and editing relationships, concepts, references and specimens. Some other features include relationship expression validation, redo/undo support and preference settings. A help document is also developed and embedded with the tool to offer background information and usage guidance. ConceptMapper can be used by taxonomists to manage their data, especially in creating mappings across multiple classifications. It can also be used by those who need to know more about taxa in data interpretation and analysis as a convenient concept exploring tool. The ConceptMapper installation program can be downloaded from:

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