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Eco Grid Meeting Notes_12_May_2003

New tasks

Ultra Short-term

 1. XQuery research: processors, SQL translators, XQuery examples, etc. (Peter, Bing, Jing) 
 1a General purpose XQuery tokenizer, factor out common translation needs (Bing, Jing)
 6  Modify resultset.xsd to contain only result set metadata (Matt)
 3  Finalize WSDL with XQuery param defined as a type (Dave)
 3a Review and revise candidate WSDL
 4  Registry implementations for short-term (includes schema for registry info) (Matt)
 5  Testing harness for launching client queries and validate results (Dan)
 7  Implement for Metacat (Jing)
 8  Implement for SRB (Bing)
 9  Implement for DiGIR (Dave)
 10 Implement for Xanthoria (Peter)
 11 Implement EcoGrid interface for whywhere datastore (OGC compliant) (Yang)
 12 Expose whywhere image metadata (either via SRB or metacat) (Yang)
 13 Find or create WSDL specs for OGC standards (Yang)
 14 Schedule possible date for EcoGrid meeting in Seattle at ASM (Matt)

May 26 - 1, 1a, 6, 3
June 2  - 3a, 4
June 9  - 5
June 16 (conference call (arranged by matt))
June 23
June 30 - 7, 8, 9, 10 (possibly concentrate resources on a subset of the 4)
July 7
July 14 - 11, 12, 13
July 21
July 28

Medium term

 1 Install and evaluate GT3-alpha as possible Registry (Jing, Matt)
 2 Install and evaluate OSGADAI as possible distrib. data service (Bing)

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