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Envisioned Longer Term

A Wiki page for active SEEK Taxon participants to coordinate manuscript collaborations (longer term).

  • Most likely collaborators: Beach, Franz, Gauch, Gayles, Jones, Kennedy, Kukla, Liu, Paterson, Peet, Stewart, Thau, Vieglais

Manuscript 1: "Your Manuscript Here"

  • Current Authors: ?
  • Additional Authors: ?
  • Target Outlet: ?
  • Current Status: ?
  • Inner Circulation: ?

  • Target Audience: ?
  • Overview of Topics: ?
  • Other Issues and Related Projects: ?
  • Help Needed: ?

  • Latest News: ?

Other Plans and Ideas

  • Collect your thoughts here...

Please feel free to modify the manuscript template as you see fit. Attach an empy template when you add a new manuscript to the list.

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