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Taxon Glossary

Glossary of Terms Used in Architecture Diagrams

At the minimum, a unique taxonomic name and reference; at the maximum, values for all fields of the TCS.

Data Resource
A dataset or some other type of data, possibly defined by EML, possibly available through DiGIR, that may be used as input to an analysis pipeline. If the Data Resource contains taxonomic data, it can be registered with a mapping of taxonomic data to concepts in the Resources Index.

A string that identifies some organism or group of organisms, for example, Accipiter cooperii, coyote, etc.

Name Provider
A provider of taxonomic names and relationships, such as ITIS, Species 2000, or an individual.

Name type
A classification of the Name, such as scientific, vernacular, etc.

A bibliographic reference definining a taxonomic name.

A definition of the connection between 2 concepts, for example Synonym, UpdateOf, ParentOf, ChildOf, Sibling, SecondCousinThriceRemoved. Every relationship is associated with a particular author/accordingTo.

Database which contains a recent copy of all Taxonomic data available to SEEK Taxon. Name providers can set a ~timeToLive value on their database to ensure that outdated information is not queried.

Taxonomic Object Service
(TOS) An identifier for the group of services offered by the SEEK Taxon Group for various concept resolution duties.

Taxonomic Concept Schema. An XML schema defining a concept. Jessie is working to define this as a community-wide standard in conjunction with the Taxonomic Database Working Group (TDWG). The current working version is v 0.88 and available in CVS /SEEK/projects/taxon/schemas. (Formerly known as TES - Taxonomic Exchange Schema)

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