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SEEK Exec Conference Call Notes_12_Feb_2003

Action Items

  1. Determine what is needed for PBI non-profit or LLC status, including institutional requirements at UCSB/UNM/KU/UCSD (Beach)
  2. Michener writes email to PIs about STAB composition w/ deadline for responses
  3. Format agenda for PI mtng (Matt)
  4. Beach contacts Edwards about joining GBIF as a node
  5. Beach determines who will be at GB6 and if we should send someone, e-mail to seek-exec with the results
  6. Beach seeks Taxon WG approval to seek Hannu S. from GBIF as a WG member.
  7. Matt develops spreadsheet for FTE allocations by group and year and institution
  8. Matt develops participation list for each of the 7 areas of SEEK, w/ leader(s)
  9. Matt contacts villa about possibility of a demo
  10. Specification docs to be edited and sent out to group -- sned to Matt by end of week (ALL)

Conf call discussion of management

  • get PIs involved w. seek, engage them through conf calls regarding WG and Infrastructure activities

Demos of pipeline and analysis software for meeting

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