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TCSXML Example

The attached file is an example xml file in the format of TCS-Schema, created by Robert K. Peet and transfered by Xianhua Liu.

  • Time: 1-2-2005
  • Purpose: Demostration of application of mapping relationships among taxonbomic concepts.
  • Notes: This dataset examines compares concepts within the genus Ranunculus (buttercups) for three North American treatments and four regional treatments. The asserted concept relations were developed by Peet from the original sources, aided by the synonymy reported in Kartesz 1999. The results were then in part validated by comparison with a collaborative attempt by Larry Morse (NatureServe) and John Kartesz (BONAP) to compare the Kartesz 2004 list and Benson 1948 monograph. Where the suggestions of Kartesz for the basis of his concepts was available and accepted by Peet and Morse, he is given credit in the AccordingTo field of the assertions. Assertions were developed separately with Kartesz 2004 providing the primary concepts relative to other six works, and also with FNA providing the primary source relative to Kartesz 2004 and Jepson 1993. We anticipate completing the comparisons with FNA and adding a few other comaprative works, once the structure of the dataset is agreed upon. This dataset is viewed as a prototype for development of a much larger dataset for higher plants of North America.

buttercup.xml Info on buttercup.xml 547997 bytes
isely.xml Info on isely.xml 518310 bytes

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