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Status Report 11 April 2005


Reports are being submitted and will be summarized on Tuesday. If you just submitted a report, it will be at the bottom of this page.

Individual Reports

Matt Jones

Current tasks / bugs

  • Design and prototyping of Grid-based computation in kepler based on JXTA peer-to-peer technology
  • Recruiting for Knowledge Representation postdoc
  • Recruiting for developer position at KU
  • Recruiting for developer position at UNM

Jing Tao

Completed tasks / bugs fixed

  • bug 2050 EMLDataSource output as Ptolemy records
  • Worked with Duane to make sure the cerificates of LTER and NCEAS metacat can still work until 2006

Current tasks / bugs

  • bug 1548 consolidating data access user interfaces
  • Go through Rod's bug list and fix them

(Jenny) Guilian Wang

Completed tasks / bugs fixed

  • Fixed the bugs with handling conditions.
  • Developed an algorithm for propagating the effect of user feedback to the matches of ancestors in the schema tree.

Current tasks / bugs

  • Update SCIA GUI with functionalities for handling schemas with recursive references.
  • Modify the OWL importer that imports only sub-class relationships, to support more including recursive references.
  • Improve the mapping algorithm, using more constraint information.
  • Improve the view generation algorithm, to be able to output view definition that conforms both target structure and constraints.
  • Modify the algorithm for propagating the effect of user feedback to subtree nodes.

Serguei Krivov

Completed tasks / bugs fixed

  • fixed bug with editing cardinanlity constraintts
  • fixed bug with rendering of namespaces
  • On 04-04 made presentation of GrOWL-Query language in CS seminar series at UVM CS department

Current tasks / bugs

  • Started work on saving of imported ontologies

Aimee Stewart

Completed tasks / bugs fixed

  • Solved query by object problem in hibernate
  • Preparing for KR/SMS meeting in Estes Park
  • Reading a plethora of emails about the TCS/LC schema to be presented to TDWG in October

Current tasks / bugs

  • Still need to tune hibernate to perform fewer queries per concept object.

Other Status Reports

You can see the status reports for other time periods as well.

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