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Status Report 23 May 2005


Reports are being submitted and will be summarized on Tuesday. If you just submitted a report, it will be at the bottom of this page.

Individual Reports

"Jenny" Guilian Wang

Completed tasks / bugs fixed

  • Rewrote the algorithm for propogating the effect of user feedback to ancestors.
  • Connected the functionality of importing schemas from EML files directly with the SCIA GUI.

Current tasks / bugs

  • Explore code testing using JUnit.
  • Write SCIA documentation, then make it available along with the code.
  • Get and show users the error message from Kweelt when Quilt exception happens.
  • Check the view generation algorithm in SCIA feature by feature.
  • Update SCIA GUI with functionalities for handling schemas with recursive references.
  • Modify the OWL importer that imports only sub-class relationships, to support more including recursive references.
  • Modify the algorithm for propagating the effect of user feedback to subtree nodes.

Other Status Reports

You can see the status reports for other time periods as well.

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