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Taxon Functions And Usability

Functions to implement (SeekTaxonTools)

Current Focus

1. TCS creation function
  • create TCS from user input data

2. Viewing in multiple ways (for scientists/policy makers too)

  • Interactive function for viewing existing matching concepts and decision making

3. Visualization Function (Small scale)

  • Filter by different attributes, View and edit info in TOS in different manners

4. Multi-classification Visualization function (Large scale down to small)

  • Several trees - see multiple matching concepts from a query within their classification trees

Backend or later

5. EML taxonomic data creation - function to create whatever EML group decides upon (EML group)
  • plugin to Morpho

6. Other Schema to TCS mapping (behind the scenes)

  • XSLT transform?

7. Merge datasets (later)

  • need input from SEEK
  • unified concepts for 2 datasets containing taxa that can be analyzed together
  • important, but later, many issues

8. Peer Review function (low priority)

  • Way to filter for UNPUBLISHED data in the TOS for particular user/editor community
  • Use visualization function

User information

  • ITIS is not useful, concept and how it was developed is wrong
    • currently looking at data just at face value, names only
    • looking at old data, changes over tiime
  • Sharing, integration of data, names, is that a problem? - yes, it's our job
    • If can determine relationships b/w different uses of a name, will correct
  • Distinguish between nomenclature and usage
  • JK - how do you separate names vs meaning?
    • lots of times concepts introduced in papers, with no name attached
    • a name with no author string can be assumed to be the original concept
    • poorly annotated names cannot be resolved - won't bother
  • Need a collaborative tool to look at differences of opinion over time - literature, images, type specimens
  • Don't care to document geographic and typological? changes of concepts over time - provide the references for those who are interested in this. Perhaps JK is overestimating the importance of this historical information
  • Paradox - want all the info, synonymies, etc available, but also want a single, simple list
  • Who is going to populate this database?
    • Bob - start fresh, with new info (ask about his point here)
  • don't give too much authority to "online", this data is transient, don't confuse with archived data
  • Dan - revisions of his species are just reshuffling, table of valid species, maintain separate family, genus, species, Fritz Haas and Simpson,, valid species assoc with an author, attached to nomen,
  • Paul would like our tools to not only handle quagmire of legacy data, but help us go forward
  • Brian Fisher - ants in Madagascar - several kilos of ants every month for 7 years - very few identifications completed. Now can objectively identify from DNA overnight.

Target users

Wed 16 Feb 2005

Providers of Data

  • P1 Taxonomists
  • P2 Aggregators
  • P3 Publishers

Users of Data

  • Amateur taxonomists
  • Scientists/ecologists
    • E1 Ecologists creating datasets
    • E2 Ecologists trying to answer broad-scale global questions
    • E3 Scientists trying to help policy makers make decisions
  • Public
  • Government decision makers

Our tasks

1. Populate database
    • harvest
    • P1/E2 help relate concepts
      • First 4 functions above
      • Tasks
        • add known concepts
        • create new concepts
        • relate existing concepts



  • Community ecologist
  • Taxonomic expertise in particular taxa in geographic region
  • keep track of community
  • use taxonomic data available to improve classification of community
  • capture info
  • datasets persist over time for monitoring and consistency in treatment
  • data compatible with similar efforts in other geo areas

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