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Workshop On Data Discovery In The Biological Sciences February 792005

This is a two and a half day workshop on data discovery and the creation of data registries / metadata catalogs.

Date: 7-9 February 2005
Location: University of New Mexico’s Ecoinformatics Training and Software Usability Testing Laboratory, ABQ, NM

Workshop goals are:

  • 1. Review existing data registries and supporting technologies.
  • 2. Perform cross-walk of registry elements from selected data registries.
  • 3. Evaluate capacity of a standardized data registry for meeting needs of broad biological sciences community.
  • 4. Assess usability of existing registries.
  • 5. Identify needed functionality for data registry search engines.
  • 6. Examine how existing data registries can support NEON and other national, continental, and global environmental observatory networks.
  • 7. Determine next steps for promoting data discovery in biology.

Workshop presentations, talking points and links to points of interest can be found here

A map of the University of New Mexico which shows the location of the workshop CERIA Building, Building #83, UNM, Albuquerque, NM (section H4 on the UNM map) can be found here.


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