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20050926 PDT Net

  • Initial goals
    • explain variation in species loss with nitrogen addition (proportional richness decline)
    • 25% mean loss, 5-60% range in loss
    • function of climate/environment?
      • N mineralization
      • pH
      • water content
...many others
=reported mean from each site
  • final theoretical structural equation model= interactions among:
    • climate
    • soils
    • initial community conditions (ANPP, SR, Comp)
    • ANPP Increase
    • Functional Group Turnover
    • Treatment conditions

probably best to start with multiple regression tools

  • Possible analyses using the already-integrated dataset
    • Homogenization question: Does nitrogen addition result in a more homogenized community?
      • Mechanisms: 1) rare species dropping out or 2) rare species becoming more common
    • Time series question
    • Rank abundance curves comparing different treatments
      • one use: define what the rare species are

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