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Ecoinformatics Booth 2006

Intended audience

This document is intended for those involved in planning the Ecoinformatics Booth at ESA 2006 in Memphis, TN in August 2006. It is a work in progress to hold ideas and suggestions and where all planning and logistical issues/decisions will be posted. Comments and feedback are appreciated.


    • Aug 15, 2005 - original proposal
    • Sep 14, 2005 - Initial planning begun
    • August 2006 - ESA conference, Memphis, TN

Objectives of the Booth

  • original proposal to SEEK exec staff
  • Raise awareness about the ecoinformatics tools we are producing
  • Raise awareness of/and provide publicity for projects and organizations involved in developing ecoinformatics tools
  • Demo and showcase ecoinformatics tools
  • Gather important user feedback on ecoinformatics tools
  • Interact with our user community

What the Booth will Offer

  • demos of ecoinformatics tools
  • place to do informal mini-usability testing
  • place for users to fill out feedback questionnaires


  • securing a booth (Sam has already made the initial inquiries on this and we await word back from the conference committee)
  • single booth or double booth?
  • can we get a corner booth so we have more wall space?
  • number of computers needed?
  • number of staff needed to work the booth?
  • list of give-aways and prizes needed?
  • connectivity and tech support available?
  • when/where to ship materials before conference

Organization of Booth

  • tools grouped by function rather than organizations, suggested areas from Matt are:
    • Metadata and data acquisition
    • Taxonomy and collections management
    • Data storage and discovery frameworks
    • data integration
    • analysis and modeling
  • ad hoc demos
  • ad hoc mini-usability tests
  • ad hoc feedback opportunities
  • planned/announced times for specific sets of demos
  • run/stage demos to run concurrently with poster sessions when traffic in exhibit hall is higher. Posters are less competition than presentation sessions

Tools to be "potentially" Demo'd (functionally grouped)

We can't of course do them all and will have to pare the list and choose a small number to demo and showcase.

  • Metadata and data acquisition
    • Metacat(and harvester) (KNB, should include OBFS/NRS/ESA and other data registries)
    • Metacat advanced query interface (LTER)
    • Morpho (KNB)
    • EML (KNB with others like ASU, Jones Center, PISCO, etc) and also including LTER Custom Unit Registry
    • EML transform utilities (NCEAS/LTER/NBII)
    • LTER Metadata Management System (concept) (LTER)
    • Jalama handheld data acquisition (NCEAS with PISCO)
    • VegBank (NCEAS with UNC/NatureServe, etc)
  • Taxonomy and collections management
    • Taxonomic Object Service (SEEK)
    • Specify (KU)
    • DigIR (KU with others)
    • Lifemapper (KU)
  • Data storage and discovery frameworks
    • Ecogrid (SEEK)
    • LTER Grid (LTER)
    • SRB (SDSC with some support from KNB/SEEK)
  • Data integration
    • GAMA (SDSC, probably not but maybe)
    • whatever tools we develop in KR/SMS specifically for use in data integration, which could be considered independent from other Kepler analysis (DP)
  • Analysis and modeling
    • Kepler (SEEK with others like GEON, etc)
    • GrOWL (SEEK)
    • Ontologies (SEEK)
    • Sparrow/SMS/Kepler semantics tools (SEEK)
    • OPenModeller/GARP (KU with others)

Materials Needed

  • questionnaires
  • set of feedback questions
  • set of mini-usability tasks and associated paperwork
  • posters for groups/organizations?
  • banner or free standing marker for booth?
  • use table-top displays?
  • publicity materials from various organizations
  • give-aways and prizes


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