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Informatics Training For LTER And OBFS October 16272006

As part of a NSF-funded Research Coordination Networking project, the Resource Discovery Initiative for Field Stations, one to two weeks of “free” hands-on training in information management and/or GIS will be offered for 20 OBFS individuals.

Location: La Selva, Costa Rica

Costs: The NSF support will be targeted to covering airfare (50-100% of the airfare depending on length of stay or budgetary constraints), lodging and per diem. See attached form for more details

Course space: Up to 20 participants will be selected (criteria include date of application and diversity, including ethnicity, race, gender and geographic diversity). Preference will also be given to filled stations that have not had prior participation in these training workshops.

Who should attend: Those personnel who are or will be active in developing, implementing, or expanding information management and/or capabilities at a field station or marine laboratory.

Forms and Information:

Items to bring:

  1. Passport
  2. Prescription medicines as needed,
  3. Good walking shoes, The use of sandals or walking barefooted is not permitted on the trails for safety reasons. Entrance might be prohibited by the administration of the station if this rule is not follow.
  4. Hot weather clothes,
  5. Insect repellent,
  6. Umbrella or rain jacket,
  7. Flashlight,
  8. Binoculars,
  9. Sun screen,
  10. Film,
  11. Extra batteries, and
  12. Plastic bags to keep film/paper dry.


  1. Will I be ESRI certified after the GIS course? YES, if you pass with flying colors.
  2. Do I have to stay for both courses? NO, we recognize that 2 weeks is a VERY long time—that is why we are creating the opportunity to only go for 6-8 days depending on the session.
  3. It is possible to stay for both courses. YES
  4. What if I can only be there for part of one course? SORRY, you must attend the whole course.
  5. If I came last year, can I attend this year ? We won’t know until all registration forms are in as preference must necessarily be given to first-timers.


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