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Kepler Meeting Agenda January 2004


Where: Juneau, AK
Hotel: Aspen Suites
When: January 18-21, 2005
Reimbursements: See LTER web site


  • Review usability assesments prepared by Laura Downey
  • Design/implementation of uniform access to data in Kepler
    • Single GUI/actor approach for EcoGrid/JDBC/GridFTP/Geon Data/etc.
    • EML and other metadata query systems
    • Also what 'services' can be stored and searched
  • Design unified grid-computing approach
    • Identify 'parallelizable' Kepler actors (e.g., map actor)
    • Unify approach to integrating condor/nimrod/etc. in Kepler
    • Approach for making individual Kepler instances part of 'MyKeplerGrid'

      • In particular, launch Kepler and allow other Kepler users to run jobs on your machine
    • How-to templates/patterns for parrleizable workflows, including documentation
  • Design portable Kepler actor archive and repository
    • Jar files that contain everything needed for an actor or workflow
    • Can load these jar files at runtime
    • Please review the Kepler Object Manager description on the Kepler web site
  • Identify and fix existing anomolous bugs (scrollbar resizing, search lock ups, etc.)
    • Quality control fixes on existing code (polishing)
  • Create timeline for stabilization and Kepler beta and 1.0.0 releases

Also of interest but probably postponed because Shawn and Bertram can't make it:

  • Design/implementation of semantic integration tools
    • Semantic compatibility checker, constrain search, integrate actors/data
    • End up with a phased implementation plan and clear roadmap for the developers to follow

See the meeting notes on the Kepler website.


Tuesday, January 18

  • 8:00 am Welcome
  • Morning
    • Usability
  • Afternoon
    • Data access
    • possible breakouts after a plenary on design

Wednesday, January 19

  • Morning
    • Object Manager
  • Afternoon
    • Grid computing
      • Ilkay: brief overview of existing approaches in kepler

Thursday, January 20

  • Morning
    • Breakouts
      • Bugs session
      • Grid design session/parallel ENM workflow
      • Object manager design session

  • Afternon
    • Semantics and integration plenary SMS Notes
    • Breakouts
      • Semantic data and service discovery / kepler object manager searching
      • Semantic data and service integration
        • Discuss scenarios for use of the SCIA tool
      • Other breakouts?

Friday, January 21

  • 12:00 noon -- Adjourn
  • Morning
    • Milestones and timelines for releases


Altintas, Ilkayconfirmed
Berkley, Chadconfirmed
Bowers, Shawnvideoconference
Higgins, Danielconfirmed
Frank, Efratconfirmed
Jones, Matthewconfirmed
Ludaescher, Bertramvideoconference
Spears, Rodconfirmed
Tao, Jingconfirmed
Zhang, Jiantingconfirmed

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