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SEEK Postdoctoral And New Faculty Training January 9132006

Science Environment for Ecological Knowledge will be conducting a one-week training workshop in ecoinformatics and relevant information technologies for new faculty and postdoctoral associates.

Dates: January 9 -13, 2006
Location: University of New Mexico
Costs: All travel, food and lodging will be covered
Qualifications: PhD in Ecology or related fields. Less than 3 years in a postdoctoral or tenure-track position.

Application Process: To apply for one of the 20 training slots, please submit a cover letter (briefly describing your background, why you would like to attend this workshop and what kind of impact you think this workshop will have on your teaching or research ) and CV to: Samantha Romanello

Application Deadline: October 17, 2005. Electronic submissions only.

No knowledge of information technology necessary, but a desire to learn about new and emerging technologies is critical!


Topics Include:

  • Scientific workflows and Kepler
  • Grid technology and networks
  • Metadata and Morpho
  • Knowledge representation and Ontologies
  • Designing data bases

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5

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