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Taxon Meeting Feb 2005

15-17 February 2005, Santa Barbara, California, USA (Rain!)


Systematist Users:

  • Carl Ferraris (Oregon) All catfish species project, systematist
  • Dan Graf (Acad Nat Sci, Philadelphia) fresh water bivalves, systematist
  • Mike Caterino (SBNHM, California beetles) (Ronaldo Persona!), systematist
  • Paul Valentich Scott (SBNHM, marine bivalves), systematist

The four systematists were interviewed by Usability Engineer Laura Downey and Jim Beach on 15 Feb, and the results of those interviews were presented to the group on 16 Feb. The results are not attached here to protect the privacy of the interviewees, but were disseminated by e-mail to SEEK-Taxon members present at the meeting.

SEEK Taxon Group

  • Jim Beach, Nico Franz, Xianhua Liu, Bob Peet, Jessie Kennedy, Martin Graham, Robert Gales, Susan Gauch, Aimee Stewart, with Laura Downey, SEEK Usability Engineer




Summary of Meeting Discussion

Application software development work on the four identified priority functions will proceed based on the findings of the usability analysis led by Laura Downey culiminating in a task analysis with Kate Jones in April. The results of the analysis will be presented at the May meeting in Estes Park, where prototype design will be discussed and software development objectives will be formulated. April 26/27 meeting will produce user interface requirements, then need scoping from developers

GUI applications developed within SEEK-Taxon must be designed to work with the web APIs of the SEEK-Taxon Taxonomic Object Server.

  • Laura Downey will:
    • advise on the materials needed for the April 26 meeting with Kate Jones to undertake a task analysis of her taxonomic concept management practices.

  • Aimee/Robert will:
    • work on fixing the link from the LSID server to the TOS.
    • finish installation of Hibernate to map data objects to relational database design for the TOS,
    • will work on getting more data into the system as data is provided to them from Nico and Xinhua.
    • Aimee will attend the SMS meeting in Davis as an advance party to divine the potential interaction between the Taxon and SMS working groups. Aimee and Rob's recent phone call with Shawn at UC Davis, concluded that SMS viewed Taxon as just another Ecogrid service for concept resolution, and that the SEEK-Taxon database approach would handle the queries and operations that a Kepler Actor would seek to execute.
    • Send out links to TOS demo soon, when all working together
    • Open dialogs with SMS (include Matt)in preparation for the May meeting with them.
    • Rob will work with Xquark to make mappings between xml schemas and relational databases, so that xml documents can be put in without parsing. He will try to get that promising technology to work for one week, then move on.

  • Nico will:
    • Nico will develop a primer that will explain to a professional taxonomist what SEEK Taxon's perspective is on managing and mapping published taxonomic concepts. This will be shown to Kate prior to the task analysis on April 26/27.
    • Contact Kate Jones, verify her availability and willingness for April 26 task analysis
    • Clarify with Bob and Jessie remaining issues about TCS, LC, EML
    • Provide Martin and Aimee with select weevil classifications
    • Collaborate with Xianhua in finding high quality concepts online to scrape.
    • Stand by for additional requests

  • Xianhua will:
    • work on getting data from the literature from flora North America and any of the other things from the e-floras page.
    • Susan will send him some generic code for scraping web pages for data

  • Martin will:
    • Get data from Dan Graf and put his concept data into their classification vizualization tool to assess effectiveness of the same.
    • Create some prototypes for relating concepts
    • Create protype for museum people to view their taxonomies

  • Next Teleconferences on 14 March, 15:30 UTC and 19 April, 16:00 UTC

Misc Notes

  • Only one concept for a group of similar concepts with different forms of author string, etc, should have an LSID. Algorithms should resolve concepts to longest form.
  • What is the User Interface of taxonomic resolution through Kepler

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