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View Authority Nomenclature

Use Case: View Authority Nomenclature


Primary Actor


The user is interested only in concepts/names according to a particular authority (RKP - where authority refers not to the authority for the name, but rather a party that maintains an opinion as to whether the taxon is accepted) and when interacting with SEEK must be able to restrict any queries/results to data provided by a particular authority (RKP - that is, want to query only the authoritative source for the authority's party perspective).

Flow of Events


  • The specific authority must have registered as a provider with SEEK RKP - the provider must comply with SEEK standards for data exchange, and must provide access to its party perspective on taxa.?

Basic Flow

  1. User selects the authority of interest
  2. User specifies queries to SEEK regarding the particular taxon concept of interest
  3. SEEK queries only data sources provided by the authority specified
  4. Data returned is restricted to that authority.



Alternative Flows

Further Details

Non-functional Requirements





30 Jan 2003
(group) Entry created at meeting
29 April 2003
(JK) Entry expanded.
13 May 2003
(RKP) Minor comments.

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