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20050926 Project

  • Question of interest:

Does fertilization with nitroget homogenize communities and are effects consistent across environmental gradients?
  • Use pairwise experiment-within blocks
    • calculate dissimilarity (e.g. Euclidean distance)
    • D1 = C1 compared to N1
    • D2 = C2 compared to N2
    • calculate variability in D1:n
  • Dissimilarity between blocks:
    • Dc = dissimilarity among control plots
    • Dn = dissimilarity among treated plots
    • compare Dc to Dn
    • Dc = Dn (null hypothesis)
    • Dc >? Dn (alternative hypothesis)
    • Dobs / Dexpected by chance
    • (Dc / Dn)obs compared to (Dc / Dn)ebc
    • plot D against productivity (P)

  • How to measure dissimilarity?
    • this is basically beta diversity (B)

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