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Status Report 6 December 2004


Reports are being submitted and will be summarized on Tuesday. If you just submitted a report, it will be at the bottom of this page.

Individual Reports

Serguei Krivov

Completed tasks / bugs fixed

  • GrOWL-Query has been designed!
    • Formal proof of a theorem, stating that any Abox query ( including queries with disjunction and negation) has equivalent expression in growl-query. This implies that growl-query is a universal abox query language.
    • Given the fact that growl-query is a very simple conjunctive language(_growl+variables), this result is amzing!

Current tasks / bugs

  • writing a new paper on growl-query

Bing Zhu

Current tasks / bugs

  • Re-organize Ecogrid software package for Metacat, SRB and Digir and have them ready for SEEK workshop.

dave thau

Completed tasks / bugs fixed

  • integrated lsid code with ecogrid code in cvs
  • minor bug fixes to lsid code

Current tasks / bugs

  • incorporate ecogrid query with lsid authority
  • deal with situation of a data file in metacat having multiple metadata files

Aimee Stewart

Current tasks / bugs

  • Enter mosses data via enterProviderData. This includes modification of parser and database.

Significant issues

  • None

Other Status Reports

You can see the status reports for other time periods as well.

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