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Status Report 1 November 2004


  • Annual Meeting in Lawrence, Kansas Nov 2-5, 2004

Individual Reports

Trevor Paterson

Completed tasks / bugs fixed

  • Paper on Taxon Concept Transfer Schema submitted to Quarterly Review of Biology

Current tasks / bugs

  • Looking at feasability and technologies involved in (XML) querying Transfer documents

Significant issues

  • Even quite small taxonomic datasets make very large XML documents which cannot be processed by simple XML technologies

Rod Spears

Completed tasks / bugs fixed

  • Bug 1721 - ENM IA - DiGIR data source modifacation - Table by Species
    • I got DarwinCoreDataSource outputing data a row at a time and added it to the ENM pipeline

Current tasks / bugs

  • Bug 1753 - Better caching for large Digir DataSets

Other Status Reports

You can see the status reports for other time periods as well.

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