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Status Report 20 September 2004


  • Kepler group
    • The new QueryBuilder has now been incorporated into Kepler and allows arbitrary SQL queries against EML-described data sources that can be downloaded from EcoGrid
    • Discussing significant overhaul to how the underlying file management infrastructure for Kepler works so that we can better manage Kepler actors and composite actors on disk and EcoGrid

  • KR/SMS group
    • More editing enhancements to Growl

  • EcoGrid group
    • Working on registry implementation, registry incorporation in Kepler, and DarwinCore result support in Kepler

  • Taxon group
    • Continued work on the Taxonomic Concept editor application
    • Preparing for TDWG meeting presentations
    • Further work on getting LSID server running

Individual Reports

Liu Xianhua

Completed tasks / bugs fixed

  • GUI support for editing taxonomic concepts
    • Adding new concepts/relationships
    • Changing existing concepts/relationships
    • Deleting concepts/relationships

Current tasks / bugs

  • Editing function of data proxy
    • Adding new concepts/relationships
    • Updating changes of existing concepts/relationships
    • Deleting concepts/relationships

Significant issues

  • TCBE will hold a local copy of all concepts/relationships and record the editing operations(adding,changing,deleting) for each concept or relationship. These editing operations will be updated to the data source at the same time as a whole. This could improve the performance and save time by avoiding access the database frequently, especially when internet transfer is involved.

dave thau

Current tasks / bugs

  • getting lsid server to serve up metadata
  • working on taxon/guid paper with nico

Aimee Stewart

Current tasks / bugs

  • Prepare for SEEK Taxon talk at TDWG
  • Add data to current database
  • It was decided to polish the existing service before TDWG rather than move forward with the object model changes we've decided upon. Will incorporate changes as time permits, but the service will not reflect these changes until after TDWG and the Kansas All-Hands meeting.
  • Review use cases and TOS input/output

Jing Tao

Completed tasks / bugs fixed

  • Integrate SQL Engine code and Query Builder code. Make them basically work
  • Add delete feature in metacat force replication and fix bug couldn't load eml201 parser in replication

Current tasks / bugs

  • Design ecogrid registry search interface and dynamic search ecogrid nodes in kepler
  • Test ecogrid "put" and "authentication" interface for metacat

Bing Zhu

Completed tasks / bugs fixed

  • reviewed ecogrid's registry design and previous implementation of registry

Current tasks / bugs

  • implementation of ecogrid's authentication service
  • new gwsdl for ecogrid's registry service

Rod Spears

Completed tasks / bugs fixed

  • Bug 1660 - Add QueryBuilder to the Data Actors
    • Completed initial phase of work, added data cache and created a cache viewer

Current tasks / bugs

  • 1697 - Create a DarwinCore Actor

Sergui Krivov

Completed tasks/bugs fixed
  • The issue related to properties with no domain/ranges resolved. Now they could be displayed as declared in owl

Current Work and Bugs

  • Rewriting rendering of isa and subclass relations

Significant issues

  • rendering of isa and subclass relations (ref: my message to seek-kr-smas)

Matt Jones

Completed tasks / bugs fixed

Current tasks / bugs

  • Preparing metacat 1.4 release
  • Preparing 5 presentations for KNB training workshop and South Africa workshop

Other Status Reports

You can see the status reports for other time periods as well.

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